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How do I lookup staff extensions from any phone?

By using the Cisco directory on any District 88 phone, you're able to lookup extensions for all staff that have a phone and/or voicemail box.

How do I use the Cisco directory?

  1. Go to any Cisco phone and hit the "directories" button.
  2. Hit the down arrow button until "Corporate Directory" is highlighted and press "Select".
  3. Type in part/all of the first and/or last name of the person you would like to lookup and hit "Search".

You now have a list of all the names and matching extensions that resulted from your search!


Benefits of using the Cisco directory:

  • Always up to date and includes midyear changes.
  • Includes ALL staff members who have a phone or voicemail box.
  • You don't need to hunt down a paper phone directory to find an extension!