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Open Gate

The Open Gate client can log into District 88's content filter on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to enter your username and password when you open a web browser.


In order to use this application, please ensure that you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. To get the latest version of Java, please visit:


  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Java 7/8 (64bit/update 67 or higher) This is required
  2. Log off of the keep-alive page (if you are already logged in)
  3. Open a browser and go to
  4. Click on the Install/Run Open Gate Button
  5. Open that jnlp file with Java Web Start
  6. Once the application is installed you may need to double-click on the desktop icon to start Open Gate for the first time
  7. Right-click on the Open Gate icon in the system tray and select Configure
  8. Enter your Novell username and password and click Save