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Receiving District Email on your Smart Phone

Did you know that you are able to receive district 88 email on your Android or iPhone/iPad? Just follow the steps below to configure your device to start getting email.

Android Devices

Different versions of Android phones/tablets may have different menu options, so below is an overview of how to setup you device is a generic sense.

  • Go to your device Settings menu.
  • Look for the menu item Accounts or Acounts & Sync.
  • Select the option to Add Account.
  • On newer devices you may need to select an account type, if so select Email.
  • When prompted for your email address and password, enter your complete email address (ie: In the password field, enter your Novell password (not your Groupwise password) that you use to access a district desktop.
  • Select manual setup.
  • When prompted for an account type select Microsoft Exchange or Exchange
  • Change the server to
  • Make sure that Use secure connection (SSL) is enabled.
  • Make sure that Accept all SSL certificates is enabled.
  • Click Next or Finish
  • If prompted by Inbox checking frequency select Automatic (Push)

Apple iPhone/iPad

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select Add Account, and select exchange.


2. Enter the required information:

  • For your email, enter your email user name
  • Leave Domain blank
  • Enter your Novell username
  • Enter your Novell password
  • Under description, enter your name

3. Hit "Next" and enter the following when prompted:

  • Server Address:

4. Hit "Next" and select to sync contacts and calendar items (if you wish for these items to be sync to your device)

  • When it prompts you, it is recommended that you choose to leave existing contacts and calendar items on your device.
  • We recommend you DO NOT sync contacts!

5. On your iPhone, go to Mail, and navigate to your new account. Syncing should begin -- it may take a few minutes to perform the initial sync and pull down all of your items.

Supplemental Information

For a complete listing of phone support, phone operating systems, limitations, and specific guides to setup email on your phone, see the official GroupWise website: