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Socius - Document Posting Tutorial


Socius: (pronounced so-KEY-us) is the Latin word for sharing. This system was created by DuPage High School District 88 to facilitate the sharing of information between staff and students.

This system currently is divided into two major components, document sharing and the application directory. In this tutorial, we will discuss the steps required to share a document or a folder. To demonstrate the steps required, a video tutorial is below.

General Steps to Share a Document or Folder

  1. Log into Socius at using your Novell username and password
  2. Click on Documents
  3. If you would like to share a folder, click on the New Directory button (This is recommended, this way any file that is added to the folder will automatically be shared)
  4. Give the folder a name and click on the Add button
  5. Click on the folder you just created to navigated into that directory
  6. Click on the New Document button to create a document.
    1. If you wish to upload a static document that you don't need to edit online, click on the Static Document
    2. If you wish to create a simple text-based document that can be edited online, click on Online Document

This tutorial is not yet complete.